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The technical office with distinctive title Xekalos Constructions was founded in 2007 in Rethymnon, Crete. We are capable of providing a wide range of integrated services. Such are the construction studies, plotting, regularization of arbitrary, issuing building permits and issuing energy certificates. We have excellent computerization and we have been operating for years on the field with responsibility, consistency as well as specialised knowledge and methods in each project we take command.

Besides the public nature projects our technical office carries out private projects too. The study of a private work is always conducted in cooperation with the customer. The technical office Xekalos Constructions combines experience in construction with scientific knowledge and specially trained crews. In this way, together with our excellent methodology the best results are achieved and the expectations of our most demanding customers are met. Our manufacturing company based in Crete, aims at combining the high quality standards correctly, the short construction time and of course a cost affordable to the customer who will trust our technical office. Besides creating trusting relationships with our customers is detrimental for us and a necessary condition for the completion of a project. Our work is characterised by consistency and professionalism and our technical office stands out for its unrivalled expertise which is our competitive advantage. Any supervision, design, construction or certificate we carry out bears the guarantee of quality and adequacy of services which technical and construction office Xekalos Constructions has been providing for years.  

Villas: Manuel, Bessie and Aphrodite

holidays in Crete Enjoy your Holidays in the comforts of Villas Manuel, Bessie and Aphrodite and relax in a hospitable village of unparallel beauty.

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