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Energy audit is an important action to save energy, which is applicable both in industry and in the building sector and concerns all energy technologies. The Building Energy Rating is performed by issuing the C.Ε.P (Certificate Energy Performance). Now, integrated energy design in buildings is institutionalized aiming at the improvement and energy efficiency of buildings, energy saving and environmental protection. The EPA has a validity of ten years and relates to all buildings, new or existing. Its validity will cease only in case of a major renovation of the building before the decade has elapsed, in which case it expires with the completion of the renovation work. Then a new one should be issued by the engineer.

Also the accomplishment of Energy Rating Building with SMO refers to parts of buildings when sold or rented out, and all the buildings of the broader public sector. The mandatory issue of energy CEP certificate including holiday includes under Circular - Plot of land. 2279 / 22.12.2010 (22/12/2010). Only buildings with industrial uses, craft, agricultural use (non-residential), workshop, warehouse, parking, car service stations are exempted from the obligation to issue.

EPA shows the energy classification of the building and it contains the general data of the building, the estimated annual total primary energy consumption of the reference building and test the building's annual energy consumption by energy source and end use, the actual annual total final consumption energy, the calculated and actual annual emissions of carbon dioxide, as well as recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building.

In each case of lease or purchase it is necessary to include the reference number of energy CEP certificate and an official copy. Otherwise, if not presented the CEP, the lease system does not validate hiring documents and therefore not completed lease procedures.

Required Documents

The required documents that should delivered by the party during the energy audit to the energy inspector (ie us) in order to issue the energy certificate are the following:
  • License Copy Planning for permits after 1983
  • Copy of property Title
  • Copy of KAEK (Lands Number)
  • Copy of ground plan area
  • Copy Topographical
  • Central heating maintenance Sheet
The key elements of the property are equally necessary, the adress with the number and area, the ZIP code of the area where the building is located, the property number, the exact property square meters, year of construction completion, the issuing reasoning CEP and finally the contact details of the stakeholder.

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