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Survey planning

We have the most modern equipment for field work and sophisticated machinery of top quality and precision. These include without limitation the laser total station, Leica TCR 407 Power, for surveying in inaccessible places and dual frequency, GNSS Receiver Leica GS08 GNSS with recording frequencies of GPS and GLONASS, for positioning. This equipment is suitable for surveying applications such as mapping, dependency and development.

Conditioned survey plan is a complete surveying containing research engineer, the field measurements and the work of the technical office for the preparation of survey plan.

The survey plan is found in the following applications:

  • Surveying for issuing building permits for inside and outside the project areas
  • Contracts for the inside and outside areas project
  • Settlement operations and actuarial
  • Topographical charts for traffic connections
  • Plots for designation area

Conditioned survey plan is required in case of:

  • Building approval and building permit issuance
  • Settlement within the project within the village and outside the village, according to Law N.4178/13, with or without planning permission
  • Certificate of non arbitrariness in off plan
  • Real estate in off plan plot
  • Spatial variation application to the Land Registry
  • Application for area classification in the Forest

Building Approval

In granting building approval it is necessary to submit the following documents and studies:
  • Application of the owner or the person having legal right to the awards-sheet commitments and control statements
  • Survey plan and layout chart
  • Evidence of contributions and deductions for engineering services

Also additional property and recent certificate of ownership title or cadastral excerpt for each property are submitted, as well as proof of legality elements of existing buildings where added approvals and other services and administrative bodies needed.  

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