Plots for Sale  

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For Sale

There is a number of Plots available for sale.

  • Plot: Rethymno Prefecture of Rethymnon - Tria Monasteria, Area: 49,700Sq.m, Price: € 1,200.000
  • Plot: Nikiforos Fokas, Area: 1920Sq.m, Price: € 45.000
  • Plot: Municipality of Nikiforos Fokas, Rethymno, Area: 7200Sq.m, Price: € 180.000
  • Plot: Koxare, Municipality of Phoenix, Rethymnon, Area: 504Sq.m, Price: € 40.000
  • Plot: Paradise of Armeni, Rethymnon, Area: 452Sq.m, Price: € 35.000
  • Plot: Spili Municipality of Lampi, Area: 2000Sq.m, Price: € 60.000
  • Plot: Rethymnon, Area: 1550Sq.m, Price: € 850.000
  • The parcel is located at the settlement of Roussospiti within a zone, with electricity, water and telephone, with building permission for a ground floor house of 120sqm. It offers view to Vrisina, Psiloritis and Kouloukonas. Excavations (forestry, archeology and parcel borders all arranged) have also been done.
  • For sale on a plot of 500 sq.m. building 120 sq.m. (concrete frame) in Spili, Rethymnon.
  • In South Crete with amphitheatric, unique sea view, with access from asphalted road, with water, electricity and telephone line. Up to 317 sqm are being built for house construction, or a hotel up to 30 rooms. At Xirokambos area, 3 km from Agia Galini and 5 km from the town of Tympaki, there are contracts and topographic plans.
  • Plot: Prefecture of Rethymno, Municipality of Foinikas, Area: 7372Sq.m, Price: € 380,000
  • Plot: Prefecture of Rethymno, Area: 8340Sq.m, Price: € 95000
  • Plot: Prefecture of Rethymno, Area: 38000Sq.m, Price: € 180000
  • Plot: Prefecture of Rethymno, Municipality of Phoenix, Area: 4000Sq.m, Price: € 98,000
  • Parcel: Rethymno, Municipality of Rethymno, Area: 8340Sq.m, Price: € 92,000
  • Plot: Prefecture of Rethymno, Municipality of Lambi, Area: 11700Sq.m, Price: € 275,000
  • Plot: Rethymnon, Area: 19000Sq.m, Price: € 250,000
  • Parcel: Latzimas, Area: 8500Sq.m, Price: € 110,000
  • Plot: Outside settlement of Rodakino, Area: 22000Sq.m, Price: € 220,000
  • Plot: Rousospiti (on the road) builds 400Sq.m, Area: 3000Sq.m, Price: € 90,000
  • Plot builds 200 sq. Meters, builds 200,00Sq.m, Area: 2000Sq.m., Price: € 50,000
  • Parcel: Latzimas, Area: 14000Sq.m, Price: € 200,000

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