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Our technical office takes over and carries contractors, renovations, civil engineering and building works within or outside Rethymnon. Depending on whether you want the total or partial repair of your property and its renovation we will achieve excellent results so your site to acquire the functionality you want. Choosing the right construction crew with the most qualified and trained professionals we can undertake and complete the work that you assign to us always bering in mind the quality, durability and aesthetics of our customers so that they stay completely satisfied with our construction. The Xekalos Constructions office undertakes contracted projects with one of the procedures that follow below:

  • Construction work in general contracting work: We manufacture any project using the application approved and fully modern design ensuring the delivery of the project "turnkey". We listen to the customer and his requirements and our manufacturing implements his dreams about the work they entrust us with. We undertake the entire process from planning and design to manufacturing having the expertise and experience to ensure the integrity of the project for you.
  • Project Management: We undertake constant supervision, organization of work, compliance with schedules and the improvement of the result with technical advice and suggestions. With appropriate interventions and the experience and the advanced knowledge that our team displays in the field of construction, we complete the work assigned to us and we deliver a project of high quality to you.
  • Work on demand: We undertake the construction of your dream house in selected plots and according to your own needs and requirements. Our partners will provide answers to questions about the structure you will assign us, so you will be sure that the result will be tailored to your requirements and expectations.

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