Public Construction  

Angelos Xekalos  +30.2831055606  +30.6979791322  Emm. Pachla 122, Rethymno, 74100.

To allow someone to participate in a public body to award concerning the study or construction project tender they must have the appropriate degree (contractor).
Our company is ranked in 1st class of the new classification comprising its core staffing the MFN grade C and undertaking the following public works:

  • Production of metal grandstands at Melidoni Court
  • Opening and widening roads Postcode Aksu - Livada
  • Transportation and leveling quarry area material PC Agia
  • Provincial Roads Maintenance Taipei 2016- phase D
  • 28th Subproject - 7th Phase
  • Projects infrastructure; Flood Damage Restoration to rectify the Road Region of Crete network, Subproject: Rehabilitation Works passable road section Tafronitis- Voukolies-Fotakado-P. Rum and logging roads.
  • Rehabilitation Projects passable road Zymvragou-Deliana department and Drakona-Panethymos
  • 7th Subproject: Works reclamation road losses District Municipality of Platania- Phase A
  • Completion of the yard area, construction waterproofing and W.C. in elementary school - kindergarten, floor construction of the surroundings and construction of frames and rails in the building of the Cultural Centre of Kalivos
  • Repair and maintenance of school buildings

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