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The law regarding the legalization of arbitrary constructions concerns everyone. Inspection by an engineer for violations of the planning law that a property might have, which are not known to the owner, is required and must be carried out by professionals with knowledge of the laws and the existing provisions. The conclusion of any contract of transfer of ownership cannot take place in cases where an illegal construction has not been legalized yet. Due to the continuing significant variations of the planning laws, the contact with an engineer for providing the correct information is essential.

Since the year 2010, the Law 3843/2010 regarding the settlement of planning infringements has begun, which however concerned exclusively the infringements within the volume of a legal building (semi-open spaces, basements, attics) for 40 years. The law N. 4014/11 and the new law N. 4178/13 come to enable the possibility to legalize illegal constructions for 30 years regarding all kinds of excess of layout. After the 21.09.2011 in case someone wants to transfer the property, it is required to complete and submit a sworn statement of the owner and a certificate of an engineer, with which they state and ensure respectively that there do not exist any illegal constructions, nor illegal uses have been installed. For this reason it is suggested that all owners who have any uncertainty as to the compatibility of the property with the legal building license, to check their property in order not to face any nasty surprises in a future transfer of the ownership and not to lose the relevant right to legalize the illegal constructions, since the duration of the Law is limited. For those illegal constructions (according the Law N.4178 / 13) which will not be subject to this law, there apply the provisions in force (Law N.4178 / 13) meaning demolition of the illegal construction and restoration to the intended use and there is applied a fine of 30% of their value and a maintaining fine 5% of their value and for each year after their construction.

The Technical office Xekalos Constructions undertakes full implementation of all required measures to legalize any illegal constructions of building structures according to the legislation. The statement of legalization is applied electronically to the Technical Chamber of Greece and only by an engineer.

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