Angelos Xekalos  +30.2831055606  +30.6979791322  Emm. Pachla 122, Rethymno, 74100.

Technical office Xekalos Constructions undertakes the preparation of the following studies:

  • Architectural
  • Static
  • Electromechanical
  • Energy studies
  • Building licenses
  • Survey planning
  • Survey layouts
  • Settlements arbitrarily
We have modern Software (CAD / 4M / STATICS) programs for designing architectural plans and carry out static, electromechanical and energy projects. We are constantly informed about the preparation of studies branch so that we can apply new methods and use modern, sophisticated building materials. Following the progress and scientific development in the field we are able to draw up and complete effectively and consistently studies of all kinds. Combining modern facilities with our years of experience we achieve accurate and efficient solutions to operational and technical issues. At each stage of the study careful planning and sophisticated approach take place to guarantee you the quality of service of our technical office.

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