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For Sale

There is a number of Hotels available for sale.

The hotel is 300 meters from the sea and is located in Chania, within the municipality of Platanias. The hotel was built in lots. The first section was built in 2002 and the second in 2007. Now it is unified. The plot of the hotel is about 4 acres. According to the building permits: 1210 m2 (building) and 1090 m2 (building) are built in each section. It has 2 pools of 120 m2 each. It consists of reception, galley, dining room, games room, gym, jacuzzi, outdoor and indoor bar.

  • 11 studios of 1 bedroom (capacity 3 persons each)
  • 18 rooms with sitting room and 1 bedroom, of which 5 are maisonettes. These rooms have a capacity of 4-5 people.
  • 7 rooms with living room and 2 bedrooms, of which 3 are maisonettes. These rooms have a capacity of 6-7 people.

A total of 36 rooms with a maximum capacity of 150 people.

Additional information: underground garage of 8-9 seats. Warehouses 400 m2. There is a mini market.

  • w / z when there is no electricity.
  • Wi-Fi internet, antennas scattered internally in each house

Satellite analogue (foreign channels)
They mainly work with Scandinavian customers.
The license is for a 3-star hotel. a 5-star license was later issued, but did not materialize.
It has adjoining plots for any extension of the hotel and all the neighboring owners are acquaintances.

The sale price is 6.5 million euros.

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